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  • The cabins are at the 3800' level on the slope of Mt. Hood in Summit Meadow plateau, and are one and a half miles from Government Camp, Mt. Hood's highest village. They are at the base of Multorpor Mountain (Skibowl East Mountain).
  • From the cabin door, hike to the top of Multorpor Mountain for the most exquisite view of Mt. Hood and its U-shaped glacial canyons, Trillium Lake, Mt. Jefferson and the Three Sisters.
  • Hike to Skibowl East's summertime Alpine Slide. Walk or drive to Trillium Lake for swimming, fishing, rafting, sailboating, barbequing and wildlife watching.
  • Take an excursion on the Mt. Hood Railroad.
  • Drive seven miles to Timberline and take the Palmer chairlift for summer downhill skiing. Take the mile chairlift for the most spectacular above Timberline sight-seeing. Allow time for a leisurely guided tour of National Historic Timberline Lodge led by a U.S. Forest Service Guide.
  • For an historic adventure, follow the pioneer Old Oregon Trail (Barlow Trail) that passes 500 feet from the cabins. Still visible are deeply cut wagon ruts, pioneer names carved on rocks and brow-fluid logs.
  • All of Mt. Hood's downhill ski areas are within 10 miles. The closest  is a mile and a half away.  Cross Country skiing trails surround Barlow Trail Cabin.
  • Golfing is 14 miles away. Windsurfing on the Columbia River  at Hood River is an hour's drive, as is the Warms Springs Indian Reservation's famous Kahneeta Resort.
  • A base for climbing Mt. Hood and for hiking breathtaking scenic view trails such as the around the mountain trail at Timberline. Ride on a major mountain biking trail which passes close to the cabins.

Indoor Barlow Cabin Activities

  • Barlow cabin is stocked with indoor activities geared towards kids and adults alike. After snow play, come inside to warm your toes by the wood stove and enjoy a cozy game of cards or Sorry!
  • Bring your iPod and connect to the iHome audio player to fill the cabin with your favorite music.
  • Stream video to your devices with the cabin's wi-fi connection.
  • Kids will enjoy creating with the cabin's craft supplies. Collect items from the woods and make bark boats, leaf sleds, and many other fun crafty projects. Let your imagination run wild and may the fastest mini snowman win the leaf sled races!
  • Relax and warm up after snow play while you enjoy movies from the cabin's DVD collection, or bring your favorites from home.

Click here for a detailed printable version of the trail map below from Mt. Hood's Alpine Village website.

Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake is located 7.5 miles south-southwest of Mount Hood and 1.5 miles east of Trillium Lake Basin Cabins. The lake itself was created by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1960 when a dam at the headwaters of Mud Creek was erected.

The area which is now the lake was part of the historic Barlow Road, a component of the Oregon Trail. Barlow Road at the time was a log road which extend across the marshes to the toll station at Summit Meadow (1866-1870). Barlow Cabin's east windows face Summit Meadow.

Trillium Flower

The Trillium is a genus of flower particularly noticeable in the area. Trillium should never be picked or harvested. Their flowers bloom once every 7 years, a unique and rare bloom best enjoyed in it's native setting.


Trillium lake is popular for fishing, camping and photography, often clearly reflecting Mount Hood.

The Trillium Lake Campground features a seasonal boat ramp and wheelchair-accessible floating dock.

Winter Access

Cross-Country Ski Trails

Trillium Lake Snow trails consist of Six miles of groomed trails for traditional cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

The trails are generally groomed twice per week from Thanksgiving until April.

Ski from Barlow Cabin onto trails that connect to Trillium Lake.

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